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Here’s Dora Emon coloring pages gallery for you. Dora Emon is a very famous cartoon character from Japan. He’s a robot cat that comes from the future to repair his master’s life, Nobita, in the past. This is due to Nobita’s bad habit that will ruin his success in the future, so Nobita’s next generation sends Dora Emon to the past to guide his ancestor to reach success.

However, Nobita is a stubborn and lazy kid who never thinks of his future. The only thing he is fond of of is getting a well nap after school. Second next his favorite is his classmate, Shizuka, whom he dreams of marrying in the future.

In spite of Nobita’s clumsy and careless acts, Dora Emon finds a true friendship in him. That’s why he loves Nobita very much and promises to always be there to help him.

Below, you can find Dora Emon coloring pages gallery. In the gallery, you can also find Nobita and his best friends; Giant, Suneo, and Shizuka. Color these pictures and have fun with Dora Emon and friends!


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